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From Discovery to
Delivery & Beyond

At Cranmore, we don’t just build software, we breathe life into your ideas. Our agile development process transforms concepts into powerful solutions that drive business success, guided by a user-centric approach that prioritizes UX design at every step. We champion a user-centric approach, meticulously crafting exceptional web experiences powered by cutting-edge development, including React and modern tech stacks.

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Discovering Your Vision

Project Initiation

We collaborate closely to define goals, identify stakeholders, and chart your project's course.

Requirements Gathering

We meticulously analyze user needs and expectations, ensuring we deliver the desired functionality.

Vision & Goals Clarification

We work hand-in-hand to shape a clear vision, prioritizing features that align with your objectives.

Stakeholder Engagement

We actively involve key players, incorporating their feedback and constraints into the process.

Product Backlog Creation

We prioritize a user-centric roadmap, outlining the essential features to be developed.

UX Design Immersion

We embark on a deep dive, conducting user research, defining personas, and crafting intuitive user flows, laying the foundation the first prototypes.

// Your Software Journey with Cranmore

Turning Vision into Reality

Development Kickoff

Equipped with a clear vision, a prioritized backlog, and a solid UX foundation, development begins.

UX Design Integration

UX principles are woven throughout the process, ensuring software is intuitive, user-friendly, and meets expectations.

Agile Sprints

We break down development into focused sprints, delivering value rapidly and adapting to evolving needs.

User Feedback Integration

We actively gather and incorporate user feedback, ensuring the software truly serves its purpose.

Integration & Delivery

We integrate code changes frequently, deploying updated software regularly to production.

User Acceptance Testing

We involve users in rigorous testing to ensure the software meets their needs and expectations, identifying and addressing any usability issues before final deployment.

// Your Software Journey with Cranmore

Launch & Beyond

We seamlessly deploy the software to production, ensuring a smooth transition for users.

We provide ongoing support, training, and maintenance, keeping your software performing optimally.

We continuously monitor and analyze usage data, identifying opportunities to enhance the software's value and impact.