December 12, 2022
Mobile Agility, Data Migration
Livestock and Meat Commission


he Livestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland (LMC) is an Executive Non-Departmental Public Body, which was established by Statute (The Livestock Marketing Commission Act [Northern Ireland] 1967) to assist the development of the livestock and livestock products industries. Cranmore have been working as a supplier to LMC since 2022. Cranmore are working with LMC to deliver a digital solution using our inhouse innovative mobile app builder, “Mobile Agility” to allow LMC to efficiently capture farm data therefore, providing information to meet a government and industry requirement for whole farm carbon footprint and grass-fed beef calculations in Northern Ireland.

LMC needed the means to efficiently capture and process farm data to allow them to calculate and provide a whole farm carbon footprint and grass-fed beef figure. LMC are also working towards solving a government need for individual whole farm carbon footprint figures which is due to be introduced as a requirement in the near future. Building a solution and being first to market is the biggest challenge to LMC, this will allow them to prove the concept and establish a uniform approach across Northern Ireland on how this information is gathered and provided. LMC cannot rely on paper based due to integration points with third parties who provide individual herd information and final carbon footprint grass-fed calculations.



Cranmore are engaged as the core technical partner with LMC to provide a digital solution using the Agile “Scrum” methodology, to allow LMC to capture and process farm data by building a mobile app using our in-house low code app builder “Mobile Agility”, coupling this with a no SQL database to store and process this data. Captured data will then be stored, processed further, and calculated to produce an overall whole farm carbon footprint or grass-fed beef figure. Calculation of the data will require advanced integration with industry calculators, our solution to this is to build integration APIs that will facilitate the sending and receiving of this data, once the calculation is returned via the API we will need to ensure that this is then stored securely in our databases. This final calculation will inform consumers of the data of the environmental impact of farms and in turn help the farming community work to reducing this and moving towards net zero.


Solution / Benefits

  • A key enabler for the success of the LMC Carbon and Grass-fed project was the ability to quickly provision a mobile app using Mobile Agility to allow LMC to get to market in a shorter timeframe than if traditional app development was used. By Introducing no SQL cloud-based databases we can establish change streams that will ensure a solid connection between devices and backend databases, the intention is this will improve performance and a lower risk of data loss. Our advanced API and integration points will reduce the work required on farm to collect data and truly make the data capture process efficient.