November, 2023
Microsoft Solutions



he challenges faced by the Decora Sales Hub encompass various aspects, including technical limitations, performance issues, user interface problems, and inefficiencies in critical processes. The existing infrastructure of the Decora Wholesales Hub faced difficulties in handling the increased load and demands of modern usage. This slow loading times and unresponsiveness would hinder Decora Team’s productivity. An outdated user interface also hindered a good user experience due to its confusing design and layout of the portal. The transformation initiative aims to overcome these challenges by modernizing the system to meet current industry standards and user expectations.



  • An Integrated System – Implementation of an integrated system with React JS front-end, .NetC# back-end and the business’s existing Microsoft NAV solution to reduce duplication and ensure a single source of data across all touch points. This integration enabled the Decora team to record and report on wholesales related activities.
  • Agile Software Methodology – The solution was managed following Agile Software Methodology – Scrum Framework. It started with a discovery phase to gain a better understanding of Decora’s requirements. This involved laying the groundwork of technologies to be used, assignment of roles, expected outcomes, and drawing timelines and checkpoints. After the discovery phase and before the start of the development cycles (Sprints), epics and user stories were created following the guidelines of functional specifications from the current Wholesale portal. This project was planned to be delivered over 4 sprints, with a sprint consisting of 2 weeks of iterative development and a sprint review. Refinement and estimation meetings were also scheduled before the start of each sprint to confirm user acceptance criteria and allocation of effort. Using this Scrum Framework in managing project ensured concise, clear planning, communication, and delivery throughout the software solution.

Solution / Benefits

Cranmore were commissioned to simplify and standardise the sales processes within the business to ensure a unified approach to the management of sales related data. 

1.Improved Efficiency and Productivity – By resolving the inefficiencies in searching for products, processing orders, and making payments, the solution streamline operations and reduce the need for extensive manual work. This improves overall efficiency and productivity within the sales hub.

2.Scalability  – Upgrading the infrastructure addresses the issue of outdated scalability, ensuring that the system can handle increasing loads and demands. This facilitates the seamless creation and management of product orders by users. Users can view products by searching through categories of product type and range, using a search box, and selecting from their favourited items or usual orders. Users can also add items to their cart, specify quantities, check delivery schedules, and review the product added to the cart before proceeding to checkout. It supports bulk ordering, allowing wholesale customers to efficiently manage large volumes of products. This scalability is crucial for accommodating future growth in user base, transactions, and data. 

3.Compliance with Modern Design Standards – Updating the user interface ensures compliance with modern design standards and user experience principles. A more intuitive and visually appealing interface can attract and retain users, providing a competitive edge in the market. Users will find it easier to navigate, search for products, and perform tasks, leading to increased satisfaction and productivity.