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Welcome to Northern Ireland’s leading, public sector-specialist software house. We’re delighted to have met you at this year’s SOCITM event. Cranmore has been delivering exceptional software throughout Northern Ireland’s public services since 2008.

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Got a question or need some advice? As an experienced public sector partner, we are ready to provide immediate answers on project viability or work with you to find a tailored solution no matter how complex.

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// How we can help

Working with Cranmore

Fully transparent

Our doors are always open. We offer complete transparency and accountability across every aspect of our processes and even our costs.

Fully agile

Using the Agility methodology, we give you full access to our systems, so you can see which of our developers is working on your project – and for how long.

Fully compliant

Our software is written with impeccable coding standards by our highly trained and fully accredited team – and tested by our dedicated testing engineers.

Fully empowered

With Cranmore, you have the power to shape the process, monitor progress, and have all of your queries answered instantly at regular reviews.

How our services help you succeed

Microsoft platform management

  • Take control and reimagine legacy databases
  • Integrate departments with non-compatible systems
  • Create shared spaces for remote workforces

Mobile Agility

  • Build bespoke apps for data capture by remote staff
  • Open up access to your services with customer-facing apps
  • Create mobile device accessibility for your legacy, desktop-bound systems

Web Agility

  • Boost productivity by updating your staff-facing intranet
  • Invest for the future with low-code and no-code systems for staff
  • Robust and intuitive content management systems

Agility 365

  • Create bespoke interfaces for Microsoft’s Dynamics platform
  • Connect staff and processes in your organisation’s look and feel
  • Zero compromise – create the systems your organisation needs
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Official Microsoft Partner

Cranmore is proud to be among Microsoft’s selected partners. We offer Northern Ireland’s public services deep expertise in a range of Microsoft technologies, including Azure, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Office 365, and Business Central. We give you the ability to harness these powerful solutions, providing essential compatibility, enhancing collaboration and ensuring compliance.


Cranmore offers even more

Dedicated designers

Our design team creates innovative and attractive graphics and animations that transforms the complex and unmanageable into engaging, clear and user-friendly.

UI/UX testing

Our dedicated UI/UX experts evaluate each system for usability and accessibility.

Site integration

Office space is available at Cranmore for our customers to fully embed team members at Cranmore’s headquarters during crucial stages of development. We can also relocate Cranmore’s developers to our partner’s offices for limited periods, giving you direct access to our experts. 

Full-visibility costing

Cranmore offers unprecedented visibility over our costings. See for yourself where resources are being spent in real time, giving you complete decision-making control.

Personal service

Cranmore works with a limited number of partners at any one time to ensure our high standards of personal service are maintained. We’re always available to our partners and offer complete flexibility to fit how you work.

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Why Cranmore?

Experienced public sector partner

Transparent, realistic costings

Committed partners focused on delivery


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// Design APPROACHED with purpose

Discover our UX/UI design at Cranmore


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