May 12, 2018
App Development
Driver & Vehicle Agency



he Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) of Northern Ireland faced a significant challenge in managing its driving examiner processes. The existing manual system was cumbersome, error-prone, and inefficient. It relied heavily on paper-based records, manual data entry, and a lack of centralized oversight. This resulted in a number of issues, including:

  • Increased administrative burden: Examiners spent a significant amount of time manually recording and processing data, leading to reduced productivity and longer waiting times for driving test candidates.
  • Reduced accuracy: The manual system was prone to errors, which could affect the fairness and consistency of driving test results.
  • Inadequate data visibility: Lack of centralized data management made it difficult for the DVA to gain insights into driving examiner performance and identify areas for improvement.


To address these challenges, we worked with the DVA to develop a comprehensive digital solution, the Driving Examiner Digital Solution (DEDS) and Compliance System. This innovative solution leveraged Cranmore’s LiveQ Case Management platform and implemented a range of modern technologies, including:

  • DevOps and Agile software development practices: This ensured rapid development, continuous testing, and seamless integration with existing systems.
  • Active Directory integration: This enabled single sign-on for examiners, streamlining the login process and enhancing security.
  • Integration with IT Assist Blackberry BES platform: This ensured compatibility with examiners’ mobile devices, allowing them to access the system remotely.
  • LiveQ Mobile Agility Application: This provided examiners with a user-friendly mobile app for managing their driving test schedules, reviewing test results, and uploading documents.
  • Web Portal for Enforcement Officers: This provided enforcement officers with a dedicated portal for managing driving test bookings and resolving issues.
  • Data Integration API: This enabled seamless data exchange between the DEDS and other DVA systems, ensuring centralized data management and enhanced reporting capabilities.
  • Hangfire Background job and scheduling for DCN communications: This ensured efficient scheduling and processing of background tasks, such as test results notifications and data synchronization.
  • Continuous Data Replication for Data Warehousing and BI reporting: This facilitated real-time data replication to data warehouses, enabling the DVA to gain insights into examiner performance and driving test trends.

Solution / Benefits

The implementation of DEDS and Compliance System has brought about a transformative impact on the DVA’s driving examiner processes. The key benefits include:

  • Streamlined workflow and increased productivity: Examiners can now access and manage driving test information electronically, reducing administrative tasks and enhancing their efficiency.
  • Improved data accuracy and consistency: The centralized data management and automated data entry have reduced the risk of errors and ensured consistent test outcomes.
  • Enhanced oversight and data visibility: The DVA can now gain real-time insights into examiner performance, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions to optimize driving test processes.
  • Improved candidate experience: The digital system has streamlined the driving test booking process, reduced wait times, and improved candidate satisfaction.

As a result of these benefits, the Driving Examiner Digital Solution and Compliance System has been recognized as a significant achievement in the UK IT Awards, receiving the prestigious IT Transformation Project of the Year award in 2018. This accolade highlights the transformative impact of the solution on the DVA’s operations and its commitment to digital transformation.

Overall, the DEDS and Compliance System has proven to be a valuable tool for the DVA, streamlining driving examiner processes, enhancing data accuracy, improving decision-making, and ultimately, improving the driving test experience for candidates.